To Autumn
location 32, G/F
phone 9688 2454
period 12:00-16:00; 18:00-21:30
cuisine Asian Cuisine
floor plan G
S15-17, G/F
Bistro Hoi An
S1A, G/F
Chef’s Cuts
S11-S12, G/F
Good Taste
S26, G/F
Grand Bistro
R1, G/F
Green Basil
30-31, G/F
Heato Coffee
S18, G/F
Lavish Florist
27, G/F
Hong Kong Gold Coast Leasing Office
R1B, G/F
JP Partners Medical
S28, G/F
Kung Fu Deluxe Dim Sum Kitchen
R3, G/F
Le Bristol
R5, G/F
Le Cafe
F7B, G/F
McDonald’s & McCafe
R6, G/F
Momiji Chaya
33, G/F
Pacific Coffee
S8, G/F
Resto Bar & Grill
S3-S7, G/F
Singa Garden (Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice)
F3, G/F
Technical Hair & Beauty Consultant
S19, G/F
To Autumn
32, G/F
S9-S10, G/F
floor plan 1
Hakata Concepts
S25A-C, 1/F
R7, 1/F