“Stamp & Earn” Multi-tier Reward Programme
“Stamp & Earn” Multi-tier Reward Programme
From 21 April to 1 June 2022, S+ REWARDS members may earn an e-stamp upon single spending of every HK$250 via electronic payment at tmtplaza, Olympian City, Citywalk, China Hong Kong City, Gold Coast Piazza and Tsim Sha Tsui Centre & Empire Centre and successfully registering for Points. A maximum of 4 e-stamps can be earned per day.

Members accumulating a designated number of e-stamps are eligible to redeem S Coupon of designated amount during the Promotion Period. No e-stamps will be deducted for redeeming rewards. Each member will have 2pcs of “Stamp & Earn” e-stamp card, redeeming up to HK$3,000 S Coupons! Rewards are available in limited quantity on a first-come-first-served basis, while stock lasts.

1) Only spending at F&B merchants via electronic payment at Tsim Sha Tsui Centre & Empire Centre will be considered eligible.
2) Members may accumulate and register a maximum of HK$10,000 spending via electronic payment per day. Every HK$250 spending is eligible for 1 e-stamp, HK$500 spending is eligible for 2 e-stamps, and so on. However, the spending amount of each transaction has to be HK$250 or above. Each member is eligible to earn a maximum of 4 e-stamps per day.
3) Members must complete the first “Stamp & Earn” e-stamp card (earning all 20 e-stamps) to activate the second “Stamp & Earn” e-stamp card.
4) Members must redeem S Coupon(s) on or before 15 June 2022 and use the redeemed S Coupon(s) on or before 31 August 2022. Expired S Coupons will be forfeited and will not be reissued.

Mechanism of redeeming S Coupons with accumulated e-stamps is as follows:

Number of  e-Stamps accumulated Rewards

HK$20 S Coupon


HK$30 S Coupons, including:

  • 1pc of HK$10 S Coupon
  • 1pc of HK$20 S Coupon

HK$200 Designated S Coupon Set, including:

  • 1pc of HK$50 S Coupon
  • 1pc of HK$50 off HK$100 Designated “Fashion”, “Shoes & Bags” and “Optical” S Coupon
  • 1pc of HK$50 off HK$100 Designated “Kid’s Wear & Toys” S Coupon
  • 1pc of HK$50 off HK$100 Designated “Sportswear & Equipment” S Coupon

HK$1,250 Designated S Coupon Set, including:

  • 1pc of HK$50 S Coupon
  • 1pc of HK$100 off HK$500 Designated “Beauty & Cosmetics” S Coupon
  • 1pc of HK$100 off HK$2,000 Designated “Audio-Visual & Electrical Appliances” S Coupon
  • 1pc of HK$500 off HK$5,000 Designated “Jewellery & Watches” S Coupon
  • 1pc of HK$500 off HK$5,000 Designated “Massage Products” and “Furniture & Lifestyle” S Coupon

All S Coupons distributed must be used on or before 31 Aug 2022. Upon expiry, any remaining S Coupons will be void and will not be re-issued. S Coupons are subject to terms and conditions, and all S Coupons are applicable to designated merchants. The list of Designated Merchants may be updated from time to time without notice.

Shops Accepting Designated Merchants Shopping S Coupon:

HK$200 Designated S Coupon Set

HK$1,250 Designated S Coupon Set

Terms and conditions apply.