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Press Release

Blessings of the Mid-Autumn Sky Lantern

September 2020

Gold Coast Piazza presents the “Blessings of the Mid-Autumn Sky Lantern”

3.5-metre-tall shimmering Sky Lantern lights up the night

Make wishes at the Sky Lantern, Send good fortunes and bliss

Hundreds of lightbulbs make up an illuminating canopy

Enjoy a heartwarming and rewards-filled festival with a plethora of online & offline Mid-Autumn Festival activities

(Hong Kong, September 23, 2020) Mid-Autumn Festival is about “reunion”, something that we’ve surely learned to cherish. This year, Gold Coast Piazza presents the “Blessings of the Mid-Autumn Sky Lantern” featuring a 3.5-metre-tall replica of the paper blessing as centerpiece. Paired with hundreds of lightbulbs and mirrors, the installation transforms into a moonlit wonderland that embraces every visitor with heartwarming bliss and blessings. Tradition has us releasing sky lanterns up to the sky as a form of prayer, so Gold Coast Piazza, too, invites guests to make wishes at our sky lantern, sending fortunes of good tidings and health to our loved ones far and wide.

Gold Coast Piazza will also host a series of online and offline Mid-Autumn Festival events including the “Sky Lantern Super Giveaway”, “Make your own Auspicious Origami”, “Sky Lantern Riddles on Facebook” and “Happy Together” Whatsapp stickers. Take home food and beverage vouchers to enjoy some much-needed family time with your loved ones.

“Blessings of the Mid-Autumn Sky Lantern” illuminates the night skies with blessings all around

Gold Coast Piazza brings the “Blessings of the Mid-Autumn Sky Lantern” installation topped with a canopy composed of hundreds of rainbow-coloured LED lightbulbs and mirrors to make an enchanting wonderland. Guests are welcomed to step into this 3.5-metre-tall Sky Lantern, an ocean of lights inside compose a blossoming kaleidoscope – the perfect companion to a moon-lit evening. Hong Kong Gold Coast Piazza hopes to send blessings far and wide with the “Blessings of the Mid-Autumn Sky Lantern” so every visitor’s wish will surely come true!

Mid-Autumn Gift Galore Check-in at our “Blessings of the Mid-Autumn Sky Lantern” for F&B rewards

The “Blessings of the Mid-Autumn Sky Lantern” is surely a hotspot for selfies! Gold Coast Piazza brings the “Sky Lantern Super Giveaway”, whereby visitors need only upload their pictures onto their Facebook or Instagram pages and share with us their Mid-Autumn Festival wish alongside hashtags #HKGCMidAutumn, #HKGCmoments and #NatureLeisurePleasure for a chance to win food and beverage voucher. The most creative submission will win the Gold Coast Piazza dining coupons, so don’t miss your chance!

Mid-Autumn Gift Galore Make your own “Auspicious Origami” for cash voucher

Visitors don’t just step into Gold Coast Piazza’s Sky Lantern, they can now make one of their own! Head to the Hong Kong Gold Coast Piazza website to download the paper cut out and make your own auspicious sky-lantern origami at home. Then, make a wish, snap a shot of your mini creation and share it onto your Facebook or Instagram alongside hashtags #HKGCLanterns, #HKGCmoments and #NatureLeisurePleasure! The most creative submission will win F&B cash voucher, so what are you waiting for!

Link to download the sky-lantern origami cut-out:

Mid-Autumn Festival Must-Do: Solving Lantern Riddles on Facebook!

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family gatherings, delicious food under the full moon, scrumptious mooncakes, lanterns, and who can forget, lanterns riddles! Gold Coast Piazza wants to share this heartwarming tradition with you via Facebook starting from September 26. Let’s put on your thinking caps and see if you could solve our Lantern Riddles!

Bring loved ones together with “Happy Moon Festival!” WhatsApp Stickers

Aside from Facebook engagement, Gold Coast Piazza also sends blessings via instant messenger with a series of “Happy Moon Festival!” WhatsApp stickers so you can spread your good tidings and fortunes to your friends and families far and wide.

“Happy Moon Festival!” WhatsApp Sticker Download link: