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An Enchanting Christmas Celebration at Hong Kong Gold Coast - 'Hong Kong Gold Coast Pokémon Training Camp’ Challenge at Gold Coast Piazza Calling all Trainers to complete 3 challenges and become Pokémon Masters

December 2019

An Enchanting Christmas Celebration at Hong Kong Gold Coast

Indulge in the world of Pokémon, with Hong Kong's first Pokémon themed room

'Hong Kong Gold Coast Pokémon Training Camp’ Challenge at Gold Coast Piazza

Calling all Trainers to complete 3 challenges and become Pokémon Masters

Experience a snowy Christmas for a memorable family vacation


  • 4 major must-go photo spots: 6-metre high giant inflated Pikachu, 3 new characters from Pokémon Sword & Shield — Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey. GOTCHA
  • 7 interesting games: an array of exciting and challenging outdoor games
  • Meet and hug Pikachu in Christmas costume
  • Redeem special Pokémon luggage belt and travel the world

 'Pikachu, Go!' Celebrating the coming Christmas with all Pokémon Trainers, Hong Kong Gold Coast specially invited Pikachu to lead a group of Pokémon to visit Hong Kong, including the newly released ‘Pokémon Sword & Shield’characters — Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey. 4 major must-go photo spots and 7 must-play interesting games are in place for all Trainers!  

From now until 1st January 2020, Gold Coast Piazza’s 'Hong Kong Gold Coast Pokémon Training Camp’, calling all Trainers to join the challenge.  Pikachu presents in the form of 6-metre high inflated attire. A multitude of Pokémon check-in spots and dazzling Poké Ball festive decorations certainly spice up the Christmas spirit! In addition, other Wild Pokémon appears from time to time and Trainers are welcomed to catch them — 'Gotcha! It was caught!', Pokémon fans can also come into contact with Pikachu in Christmas costume. Customers who spent a specific amount in the mall, are eligible to redeem the limited-edition Pokémon luggage belt. Bring the luggage belt to other Gyms in the rest of the world and continue your journey of becoming the Pokémon Master!

Check point 3: 6-metre high Giant Pikachu accompanied by a multitude of Poké Ball festive decorations

The courtyard of Gold Coast Piazza is decorated with Poké Ball illumination. Together with the dreamy snow, Piazza turns into a White Christmas world with starry sky. Other classic Pokémon characters join everyone to spend the Christmas, such as the Jigglypuff who likes to sing a lullaby, the loyal Charmander, the gentle and united Squirtle, the docile Bulbasaur, the curious Grookey, the shy Sobble and the fiery Fennekin. The versatile Rowlett wears a Christmas hat and awaits everyone to come and take pictures with them!

Check point 4: Go catch the Wild Pokémon!

Players who have played Pokémon games know well that the Wild Pokémon love to hide in the grass and jump out to challenge you as soon as you walk pass! Gold Coast Pokémon Training Camp arranges different Pokémon characters in different spots. The brave Trainers must walk around to enjoy the Christmas decorations while expecting to meet the Wild Pokémon!

Once you 'Like' Gold Coast Piazza Facebook Page or 'Follow' its Instagram, and present it to the staff, you will be entitled to participate in the 'Hong Kong Pokémon Training Camp’. Embark on your adventure, take the challenges and become a Pokémon master!

Training Level 1 at Piazza: Catch it

Whenever Ash Ketchum wants to catch the Wild Pokémon, he has to hit the Pokémon by throwing the Poké Ball. Vision training is therefore very crucial! The first level of the Camp training challenges the hand-eye coordination of the Trainers. There are several holes on the board and Trainers have 3 chances to throw the Poké Ball into the holes and get the stars! If you get 5 stars or more, you will win the prize. Come and challenge your eagle vision!

Training Level 2 at Piazza: Hit it

In the Level 2 training, several Poké Balls are hung up on the board, swaying in the wind. Trainers must maintain their balance and use the most appropriate strength to throw the mini Poké Balls. If you successfully hit 3 Poké Balls, you will win the prize. This training asks for superb coordination of eyesight and hand strength at the same time! 

Training Level 3 at Piazza: Match it

According to the Pokédex, there are more than 800 Pokémon. Strong memory is definitely important for a professional Trainer! Level 3 Training requires the Trainer to collect 8 pairs of cards. Trainer turns over any 2 cards from the deck of 16 cards each time and find the matching Pokémon. This training challenges everyone's memory and concentration. You will win the prize by matching 8 Pokémon. Be careful and don't get misled by the similar Pokémon!

Meet Pikachu in Christmas costume and let it give you a warm hug

Gold Coast Piazza organizes 'Pikachu Christmas Hug Party' for everyone, where Trainers can get close to Pikachu. Pikachu dressed in Christmas costume will greet everyone on 8th, 15th, 25th, 26th, 29th December and 1st January. After completing your training, you have to come and say 'PIKA! PIKA!' with Pikachu while you are taking photos.

Redeem limited editionPokémon Luggage Belt to travel around the world

Upon completion of the training at the Camp, everyone should have become an excellent Pokémon Master. Gold Coast Piazza has prepared special gifts to congratulate everyone. From now till 1st January 2020, shoppers with electronic spending of HK$600 or above on the same day at Gold Coast Piazza or restaurants in Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, are entitled to redeem one set of Pokémon luggage belt. Come and challenge all the Gyms around the world with Pokémon!