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Come celebrate spooktacular Halloween in “Gold Coast Pumpkin Festival”

October 2019

Come celebrate spooktacular Halloween in “Gold Coast Pumpkin Festival”

Ghoulish Spider King and five-metre-tall whimsicaljack-o’-lanternbring a splash of spooky fun

Indulge in funtastic challenge games and go Trick-or-Treat to win yummy sweets

Treat your taste buds with scrumptious pumpkin delicacies

Have the most wicked and frenetic Halloween celebration

The Gold Coast Piazza is presenting the spookiest Halloween festivities ever for revellers, parents and kids who look for wicked fun and twisted surprises this Halloween. Revellers and families can enjoy a spooktacular Halloween celebration in the “Gold Coast Pumpkin Festival” from October 18th to 31st. Being spellbound by a variety of festive activities, parents and kids can immerse in fantastical experience over a dazzling myriad of mystical and whimsical jack-o’-lanterns at Gold Coast Piazza’s atrium. Also, a spine-tingling installation brings to life the Spider King with creepy-crawly legs atop a five-metre-high wacky jack-o’-lantern, adding a spooky splash of excitement and thrill in the Halloween bash. Coming from the monster world, the ghoulish critter is on the prowl for mischievous little ghosties. Kids can head out in force and join “Funtastic Challenge Games for Sweet Treats” and “Happy Gold Coast Trick-or-Treat” to garner yummy treats, unleashing power against the creepy creature. Families can also savour scrumptious pumpkin-themed delicacies served by gourmet restaurants at Gold Coast Piazza. All these fun-filled games and feasts are sure to push festival spirits into new heights. It will be an unforgettable Halloween experience!

Venture into the whimsical pumpkin fantasyland for Halloween celebration

Halloween comes to the heart of the city with spine-tingling thrills. Nothing fills revellers with Halloween cheer more than wacky jack-o’-lanterns and spiders. In Gold Coast Piazza, parents and kids will be truly amazed by a wide array of weird and wacky jack-o’-lanterns and the creepy Spider King from October 18th to 31st. Snap the spookiest selfies with the creepy Spider King atop the five-metre-high jack-o’-lantern. Be dare to strike a funny pose with beloved jack-o’-lanterns for an Instagram-worthy photo. Delve into the whimsical pumpkin fantasyland for celebration at Gold Coast Piazza!

 Join fantastical challenge games to win wickedly delicious treats

Halloween is a good time to indulge in tasty sweets! Fun-seeking goblins can stand up to three fun-filled challenges in Funtastic Challenge Games for Sweet Treats” to win tasty sweets. They can amass three kinds of wickedly delicious candies after completing the spooktacular challenges. All these must-try games will certainly make Halloween joyful!


First must-play challenge: Halloween’s Tongue Twister Game

Kids can test their vocal talents to join Halloween’s Tongue Twister Game. Read out the Halloween-themed tongue twister to  get delicious lollipop!



Second must-play challenge: Wacky Jack-o’-Lantern Face Design

Taking festive spirits up a notch, little goblins spin around three times in circle and then swiftly design a lovely jack-o’-lantern face. Being dizzy, they stick eyes, a nose and a jagged mouth onto a pumpkin to make a funny and awesome face to bring chewy sweets home.


Third must-play challenge: Halloween Selfie Time!

To make Halloween celebration memorable,  snap a selfie with whimsical jack-o’-lanterns at Gold Coast Piazza and share with your friends! Post the selfie on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Gold Coast Piazza to get a diamond ring-shaped candy.



Have a blast Trick-or-Treat to amass loads of tasty sweets

For many children, Halloween is the most fun night of the year and Trick-or-Treat is an ever-popular game. “Happy Gold Coast Trick-or-Treat” will be hosted for little ghosties to get tasty sweets at more than 10 merchants’ shops in Gold Coast Piazza and Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel on October 26th -27th and 31st. A treat map is curated for children to follow a trick-or-treating route to visit the merchants’ shops - where loads of candies will be handed out. Devour all delicious sweets joyously!

Go shopping for Halloween goodies and foods at “Whacky Pumpkin Marketplace”

More than 30 booth stalls offer a host of wacky goodies, toys, foods, Halloween-themed hand-made and painting items for sale at “Whacky Pumpkin Marketplace”. It’s time to go Halloween shopping and all these items will follow you all the way home!

Revellers drool over scrumptious delicacies in Savoury Pumpkin Feasts”

Apart from wacky jack-o’-lantern installations, Gold Coast Piazza knows the best way to your heart is through scrumptious foods. Med Stars Mediterranean Cuisine will serve various pumpkin-themed delicacies for revellers in “Savoury Pumpkin Feast”. Indulge in Halloween-themed delightful dishes at Gold Coast Piazza! Meanwhile, Viet Bu Tong Kitchen & Bar will offer fantastic treat with spooky Halloween beverages. Enjoy some scary fun with these Halloween’s special dishes and drinks!


Med Stars Mediterranean Cuisine

Pumpkin Seafood Fried Rice



Pan Fried Sesame Salmon Fillet served with Vegetables and Pumpkin Puree


Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Cream Soup


Viet Bu Tong Kitchen & Bar

Eyeball Punch